The impact of the project will be the following:

On refugee population

– increased knowledge about the culture of their host country through the fairy tales. The refugees will learn with a pleasant and amusing way basic elements of the popular tradition of their host country

– increased awareness of the similarities of the culture of their host country with their own culture. The refugees will understand the common elements between the culture of their host country and their own culture, fact which will increase the sense of belonging in the host society

– increased professional skills in the artistic and theatre field for the refugees that are going to participate in the development and implementation of the theatrical performance. The refugees that will participate actively in the development of these performances are going to increase significantly their skills in the sector, fact which will improve their employability prospects

– improvement of the reception of the local community. The local community, through the realisation of the common elements between their culture and the refugee culture through the powerful tool of the fairy tales are going to receive them in an improved way which will come as a result of the better understanding of their culture and the realisation of underground similarities

– increased socialisation and contacts with the local community. The refugees involved are going to have more contacts with the local community (in the framework of the preparation and implementation of the performances), fact which will improve their social inclusion.

– Improved ability to use ICT based technologies for learning. Their increased capacity to use ICT for learning purposes will increase the capacity of the teachers to be trained through the use of these technologies, fact which will open also new training opportunities

On local population

– increased awareness of the culture of the refugees

– increased cooperation and contact with refugees leading to the reduction of stereotypes

– increased awareness of the cultural similarities that exist between their culture and the culture of refugees