The vain giraffe

In a large forest, in Africa, lived among the other animals a beautiful giraffe, agile and slender, higher than any other. Knowing that she was admired not only by her companions but by all the animals, she had become superb and she had no respect for anyone else, she did not help anyone. He went…
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Short tales (Pakistan)

Once upon a time there were two brothers. One day their house catches fire and everything i burned. So the two brothers are forced to look elsewhere for their new home. They walk into the woods and during the night they lit up a fire. From a branch a bird asks them: - What are…
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Topos Allou (Greece)

TOPOS ALLOU theatre, this year enters its 16th year.  It is a theatre that with its systematic work and presence has prevailed in the artistic, cultural field of our country. Not only Athens where it is based but also all over Greece where it presents regularly in the last four years. (more…)
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