King Crin

Once upon a time, in a far Kingdom a king whose son was a pig. The king and his wife, however, loved him deeply and contented him in everything, so, when he wanted a wife, the king introduced him to the baker’s daughters. King Crin chose the older one, but on the evening of the wedding, when he entered in the room and he wanted to climb them in his arms, the bride pulled back and drove it away. The day after the bride was put to death.
After some time the young King Crin wanted a wife again and his father satisfied him by giving him the second daughter of the baker. Unfortunately, this also made the same end of her sister.
Thus, when the young prince asked for a wife again, the king was in despair. Fortunately, the third daughter of the baker offers herself spontaneously and on the evening of the wedding, instead of driving the dirty and stinking groom, she accept him, covering him with attentions, washed him, caressed him and then went to bed with him. In the night the bride woke up and discovered that her husband at night undressed the body of the pig to become a handsome young man: happy he was enchanted to look at him, but he woke up in despair and revealed to her that he had become a pig because of a spell that could only be removed by those who loved him for what he was.
But unfortunately, now that she had seen him, he was forced to disappear and only if she had been willing to travel for seven years consuming seven pairs of iron shoes, seven iron cloaks, seven iron hats and to fill seven flasks of tears he could find it again. The girl was not discouraged, she had what she needed built and left for the trip.
During the journey he met the Wind, the Lightning and the Thunder and, with the help of their mothers, he obtained a chestnut, a nut and a hazelnut, all three magic. Finally he arrived in a city where they were celebrating the Queen’s wedding with a foreign prince. The young girl recognized her husband, but he had forgotten about her and so she tried to get access to her room using her magical fruit. For three times he got to be alone with him, in exchange for precious objects born of magic from the fruits, but the Queen always gave her promised spouse a sleeping pill and so the young woman could not be recognized by her husband until the third night when, tired of drinking the drink before going to sleep, he didn’t drink it and so he stayed awake. The two could thus meet again, recognize each other and go home together.