Sogbo becomes Boss of the universe

Sagbata and Sogbo are brothers. We have been told that the Creator did not work anymore after creating the world, but she delegated to her sons the govermment of the world Sagbata and Sogbo. The two brothers argued. Sagbata, the eldest, took with him all his inheritance, which included all the things of his mother. The younger brother, who was the most brutal, remained in his mother’s kingdom, and took the name of the fire: Miyomiyo, or Sogbo.
Before leaving for the land, the mother told them she would not support the claims of either of them in a fight. They had to be together like a closed pumpkin and the world had to exist within them. She said that because Sagbata was the eldest, it must be the lower part, and Sogbo the superior. The mother asked both of them to go and live in the world, but Sogbo refused. He did not want to leave his mother.
When Sagbata descended to the earth, he could not return. Sogbo, who had remained close to his mother, got all his confidence, as well as that of the gods that surrounded her.
One day Sogbo stopped the rains. In the Sagbata world he had been chosen as king and people came to him and said to him: << Since you came among us and we have made you king there is no more rain. Let’s die of hunger >>. He replied: <<Yes, it is so, but in a few days you will have rain>>.
For three years, rain did not come. Then two men descended from the sky and fell into a town called Fe. They preached. They preached the writing of Fa, Destiny. They traveled everywhere.
It is said that at that time the world no longer had a thousand people. People came to tell Sagbata that two men had come from heaven to preach something called Fa. Sagbata asked them to come to him. When they arrived they spoke to Sagbata the language spoken in heaven, and he immediately knew that they were telling the truth. They asked them why there was no rain.
They said they did not know, but they would know it immediately with the Fa. They took the seeds for divination and, throwing them, they asked why rain did not fall in that country. The first combination of Fa that fell was called Yeku Gbuloso. They immediately told Sagbata that there was a dispute between two brothers, both wanted the same thing, and that the eldest would have to submit to the younger to come to reconciliation.
Sagbata said that now the sky was too far and that he no longer had the power to climb. He told that before going down to earth, his mother had given him the right to bring all the riches with him. He had put them in his sack. He told that he had refused to bring water because of he could not take it in his bag. But upon arrival on earth, the water left behind had become very necessary. The two men said that now the water was under the control of his brother. So Sgarbata asked them what should be done to get the rain back.
The two men then told him that he would have to give up a part of all the riches of the world and entrust them to the bird Wututu, Sogbo’s great friend. They said: << When Wututu goes up there to talk to Sogbo, Sogbo never refuses >>.
Sagbata, he listened. He collected parts of all his riches and called Wututu. He said to Wututu: <<Go and tell to Sogbo that now I renounce the Universe. I will leave him the country, the villages and the houses. He can take his sons and his father; the children and the mother. He, Sogbo, will reside at the top and keep those below ยป.
When he was high in the air, Wututu began to sing, with a voice that Sogbo instantly recognized: << The earth, Ai-Sagbaya, entrusted me with a commission for you. Listen, So? >>. And Wututu sang: <<He said that he leaves you the Universe. He leaves you the country. You will have the villages and all the houses. It leaves you sons and father, children and mother >>.
Sogbo recognized the voice of Wututu. He told to his sons to behave well, because of a foreigner was coming. He sent a bolt of lightning. When the lightning flashed, he saw Wututu and said he let him come.
When Wututu arrived, Sogbo said: <<Go and tell to my older brother Sagbata that even though he is the eldest and inherited all of our mother’s wealth, it was foolish to leave behind the two things that are the power of the Universe. . With these two things, I, the youngest, can control all the riches of Sagbata >>.
These two things are water and fire.
He told to Wututu to come back down: even before he reached the earth, he would see what would happen. Wututu flew to the earth. When it was halfway, a great rain began to fall. When Wututu arrived Sagbata was very happy. And he ordered that Wututu should never be killed and if someone had killed him, a great ceremony would have to be done.
The ceremony consists in removing the fleshy bearing that is on the head of the bird: because it was on the head that brought the message of Sagbata and Sogbo.
That day the brothers reconciled. And for this reason every year the Thunder visits the earth. That day Hevioso gave the new name Djato-gbedji-gbez? Djato-megi-mete Kutjio-susu-nokloso:

Falling on the grass, the grass emits shoots,
fall on humanity, humanity becomes fecund,
the scattered dew gives glory to So.

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