The King and his two sons

Folktale from Syria

Once upon a time there was a king who had two sons. The king wanted to hand over the kingdom to one of his sons, but was not sure who would be the best one to rule the country.
The king decided to send the boys out to work. The first son goes to work and earns money, but the other son does nothing, and in the evening he goes to his mother and asks for money. The two sons come to the king, he tells them to throw their money into the sea. The first son says no, but the son who had got the money from his mother throws it into the sea. Next day the king decides to send the boys to work again. The same thing happened. The first son found work and earned money, the second son had fun and asked his mother for money. In the evening the first son again refused to throw his money into the sea, but the second son threw his money. And the same thing happened the third day. Then the king knew for sure who was to be the best king to rule the country, and he gave the kingdom to the first son!

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