The stone that had a beard

One day Ekenndéba (the spider) went into the bush to collect what he needed to do the mats and saw, among the rocks, a big stone with a beard! Immediately he fell dead to the ground. The stone reflected and saying: << The spider did not know it. For this time, I will resurrect it >>. And the spider resurrected, and he returned to his house. The Spider, who had not eaten mutton for a long time, thought of this adventure he told to the mutton, his companion: << Come and cut bamboo with me >>. And they went to cut bamboo.
Ekenndéba went to the bearded stone and said to the ram: << Go there, there are many bamboo! >>. The ram went that way; he saw no bamboo, but a stone with a beard. He exclaimed: << Oh! A stone with a beard! >>. And as soon as the unhappy ram spoke these words, he fell dead on the spot. Ekenndéba, who was waiting for the end of the adventure, went to get the body and took it home to eat it. He then went to see the potamochéro and offered to go with him to cut bamboo. The potamochéro accepts, saw the stone with a beard, shouted the usual exclamation and the Spider took it and went to eat it.
Ekenndéba found this farce excellent and could not refrain from telling her to his wife who, curiously, questioned her about the way in which he had obtained mutton and potamochéro.
The village dog, who was sleeping as usual, that day by chance he did not sleep at all and he heard everything; so when the Spider asked him to go and cut bamboo into the bush, he accepted, but when he faced the stone with his beard, he closed his jaws to say nothing. The surprised Spider stepped forward: “Cannot you see the stone?” He said to the dog. << No >> answered that << I do not see anything! >>. << How, you do not see anything! >> << No >> said the dog.
The Spider, feeling that the prey escaped him and stifled by the fury, dragged the dog to the stone, saying: << Do you see now the stone with a beard? >>. And as soon as he had said this, he fell dead. The dog took the Spider and wanted to go eat it. But he could not, because it was too bitter … And do not you know, after all, that the Spider is the most evil of all the beasts? It’s not even good to eat.

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