The three little houses

A poor woman dying called the three daughters and so she spoke: – My daughters, soon I will be dead and you will remain alone in the world. When I will not be there anymore, do this: go to your uncles and have a little house built for each one. Welcome. Goodbye -. And he expired. The three girls came out crying.
They set off and met their uncle, a mat. Catherine said, the oldest: – Uncle, our mother is dead; you who are so good, give me a little house of mats.
And the uncle’s mat made her the little house of mats.
The other two sisters went ahead and met their uncle, a carpenter. Giulia said, the second: – Uncle, our mother is dead; you who are so good, give me a little wooden house. And the carpenter uncle made her the little wooden house.
Only Marietta remained, the youngest, and continuing her way, she came upon an uncle, a blacksmith. “Uncle,” he told him,
– mother is dead; you who are so good, give me an iron house.
And his uncle blacksmith made her an iron house.
In the evening the wolf came. He went to Caterina’s cottage and knocked at the door. Caterina asked: – Who is it?
– I’m a poor chick, all wet; open me for charity.
– Get out; you are the wolf and you want to eat me.
The wolf pushed the mats, entered and ate Caterina in a mouthful.
The next day the two sisters went to visit Caterina. They found the broken mats and the empty house. – Oh, poor things! they said. “Of course our big sister ate the wolf. Towards evening the wolf returned and went to Giulia’s cottage. He knocked, and she: -Who is it?
– I am a lost chick, give me kindergarten for pity.
– No, you’re the wolf, and you’d like me to eat like my sister.
The wolf gave a push to the wooden house, opened the door, and Giulia took a bite.
In the morning Marietta goes to visit Giulia, she does not find her and says to herself: “The wolf has eaten it! Poor me, I was left alone in this world “.
In the night the wolf came to the little house of Marietta.
– Who is it?
– I’m a poor chick numbed, please let me in.
– Go away, you’re the wolf, and how you ate my sisters, you’d like to eat me.
The wolf pushes the door, but the door was iron like the whole house, and the wolf broke his shoulder. Screaming from the pain ran from the blacksmith.
“Fix my shoulder,” he said.
“I fix the iron, not the bones,” said the blacksmith.
“But my bones are broken with iron, so you’re the one to fix them,” said the wolf.
Then the blacksmith took the hammer and the nails and adjusted his shoulder.
The wolf came back to Marietta and started talking to her near the closed door: – Listen, Mariettina, because of you I broke my shoulder, but I love you anyway. If you come with me tomorrow morning, let’s go for chickpeas to a field nearby.
Marietta replied: “Yes, yes. Come get me, – but, clever as it was, he realized that the wolf just wanted to get her out of the house to eat it. So the next day she got up before she did day, went to the chickpea field and picked up a apron. He returned home, cooked the chickpeas and threw the peels from the window. At nine o’clock the wolf came. – Beautiful Mariettina, come with me for chickpeas.
– No, I do not come, I dread: I already collected the chickpeas, look under the window and you’ll see the skins, smell the smoke coming from the fireplace and you’ll smell, and you just have to lick your lips.
The wolf was beside himself with annoyance, but he said, “Do nothing, I’ll come get you at nine in the morning and we’ll go for lupins.”
“Yes, yes,” said Marietta, “at nine o’clock I look at you.
Instead, this time, too, he got up in time, went to the lupine field, picked up an apron and brought them home to cook. When the wolf came to get it, he showed him the skins outside the window.
The wolf himself swore revenge, but he said to her; – Ah, you mischievous girl! And yes, I love you so much! Tomorrow, you see, you should come with me to a field that I know. There are some pumpkins that are wonderful, and we’ll have a feast.
Yes, I’ll come, “said Marietta. In the morning, he ran to the field of pumpkins first
during the day, but this time the wolf did not wait for nine; and he too ran to the field of pumpkins to eat the Marietta in a mouthful.
As soon as Marietta saw the wolf from a distance, not knowing where to escape, she made a hole in a large pumpkin and flattened herself inside. The wolf, who felt the smell of crying, sniffs among the pumpkins, turns and turns and does not find it. Then he thought, “She’s already back home. I’ll make a gourd of pumpkin by myself, “and began to eat pumpkins with a headache.
Marietta was shaking when she heard the wolf approaching his pumpkin, thinking that she would eat it with her inside. But when he got to Marietta’s pumpkin, the wolf was full now. “This one that’s so big,” he said, “I want to take it as a gift to Marietta to make her friend.” He bit into the pumpkin and held it with his teeth, he galloped to the iron house and threw it into the window.
Mariettina mine! – He said. – Look what a beautiful present I brought you.
The Mariettina, now safe in her house, slipped out of the gourd, closed the window, and behind the glass she made the coma to the wolf. “Thank you, dear friend,” he said, “I was hiding in the pumpkin and you brought me home.
The wolf, hearing this, banged his head against the stones.
In the evening it was snowing. The Marietta warmed herself to the hearth when she heard a noise down the chimney. This is the wolf that comes to eat me, “he thought. He took a pot of water and set it on the fire to boil. Slowly, slowly, the wolf goes down the chimney, stands a jump thinking of jumping on the girl and instead falls into the boiling water and remains cooked. So the cunning Marietta freed herself from the enemy and lived quietly throughout her life.