Mula Nasrudin and the Cat

Folktale from Afghanistan

Once upon a time there was a man. His name is Mula Nasradin.
One day he began to wash his cat in the street. The neighbor saw it and asked: What are you doing?

Mula Nasradin says: I wash my cat.
The neighbor says: It will die if you wash it.
Mula Nasradin says: No, nothing will happen.
The neighbor says: Okay.
And goes away.

After two hours the neighbor returns and finds Mula Nasrudin crying. The neighbor asks: What happened?
Mula Nasradin says: The cat is dead.
The neighbor says: I told you if you wash the cat, it will die.

Mula Nasradin says: No, it did not die when I washed it. It died when I dried it.

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